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Some basic mistakes that investors make

Investing your money when you’ve work so hard for it can be an emotional thing to do. Whilst every investment has a degree of risk, with a lot of research, due diligence and speaking with the right professionals you can set a clear path for your investment strategy. As a first-time property investor, it can […]

What does an interest rate cut mean for me?

When you’ve bought a home or you’re looking for a home loan, you will become very familiar with interest rates and the impact they can have on your disposable income. When an interest rate drops, what does it mean for you? Firstly, let’s take a look at what affects interest rates. The Reserve Bank of […]

How can you improve your buying capacity?

When you are looking to buy a home you might look at mortgage repayments and set yourself a budget; you know you have enough to make the regular repayments and live comfortably, but what about if the bank doesn’t’ seem to agree? The first step is making yourself more attractive to the banks. We have […]

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