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Tips for first time property investors

Buying a home is very different to buying an investment property. When you buy a home, you are going with your gut and your personal choices. From the moment you look on-line to the time you see it in person you start visualising your life, your furniture and your family in that home. As humans […]

Managing your finances.

When it comes to managing your finances the first thing you need to do is work out a budget. You can’t work out your long-term future if you’ve not established your starting point. A budget is a great way to understand your incoming and outgoing finances. Do you ever feel like you are living week […]

Rental Market, Cash Flow & Loan Structure

As an investor I am well aware of the need to have the right loan structure and the importance of cash flow. Obviously, rent plays a key part in this. From time to time, there can be a softening of the rental market. When this happens, the need for quality advice from Property professionals is […]

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