Why should I invest in Property?

At Gold Seal Finance we want to know why you want to invest in property so that we can help you achieve your goals with the least risk and greatest returns.

The reality is there are many different motivations to invest in property, and therefore the way you invest and what your returns are will also vary greatly. Not sure where to start?

Let Gold Seal Finance establish what you want to achieve and help implement real and achievable strategies to reach your financial goals.

What is an investment property?

An investment property is a property you buy specifically for the purpose of renting out. There are tighter rules around borrowing when it comes to an investment property and having an expert on your side like Gold Seal Finance in Logan can help you move through the investment loan minefield. Our tailored approach means that you get the right investment property advice for your situation. When it comes to investment properties, one size does not fit all.

Why would I get an investment property

Please use the following reasons as a guide, as without a full consultation we cannot ascertain whether an investment property is a suitable investment for you.

  • There is always a need for shelter, and whilst house prices might fall there will always be a need for housing, so the property market will always recover.
  • Once your investment property is paid off you can earn a passive income for life.
  • With the right property portfolio, you can alleviate your risk factor, our financial advisor can discuss investment property strategies.
  • Use the market cycles to your advantage, buy when the market is down, and sell when the market is trending upward, you can move your portfolio along a lot quicker with some expert advice.
  • The rent that you are paid for your investment property and certain tax advantages will generally cover the costs of the mortgage, so someone else is essentially paying off your mortgage. Whilst properties almost certainly increase in value, even if they don’t, at the end of the life of your mortgage you still have a fully paid off asset as a very worst-case scenario.
  • As your property grows in value you don’t have to pay any capital gains tax until you sell.

Building your property portfolio can be a great long-term strategy, and if done right can help build your wealth. If you’re in Brisbane, Logan or the surrounding suburbs, why not talk to Gold Seal Finance, we can come to your home or office, or you can come to us; we can meet outside of work hours and ensure that we find a time that suits you.

Are you ready to buy an investment property?

Not sure if you are ready to buy an investment property, why not talk to Gold Seal Finance? We can do a thorough assessment of your current situation and see if purchasing an investment property is a viable option.

We believe a happy client is a client for life, since we don’t work for the banks and we work on your behalf you can guarantee all the advice we are giving you is going to benefit you. We are more than mortgage brokers, we offer sound financial planning advice with all our loans. We have up-to-date market information and a wealth of knowledge and experience, a passion for finance and we work hard because we care.

Why wait?

Gold Seal Finance service both Logan and the Brisbane area. We understand you have a busy life and that’s why we are happy to come to you, whether it’s your place of work or home, or alternatively you can come to our Rochedale South Office, we are even happy to meet outside of business hours.

What our customers say

My wife and I had been looking at purchasing an investment property for some time, however, each time we were approached with an opportunity we never felt comfortable.

My sister had just purchased a property through Gold Seal and recommended we contact Nick and see how we felt. From the first meeting the process was made very easy with a simple and well laid out plan coupled with a no pressure, honest approach.

Each step was seamless, the advice and assistance even after the sale was first class. We are looking forward to purchasing another property through Gold Seal later this year.

Gary & Therese

What we do for our customers:

  • Complimentary Finance Consultation

  • Loan review and loan structuring advice

  • Strategic property selection

  • Assistance with Loan Approvals – all lending options and paperwork

  • Pre and post settlement follow-up

  • Annual reviews

  • We’re always just a phone call away

“As first time Landlords and having never built before, the whole process of a new build investment property was pretty daunting.

We could not be happier with the service we received with Gold Seal, from the initial contact through to completion and beyond.

Nick and Margaret were so flexible and for them to come to see us at our house after business hours made it so easy. Because we purchased the land before it was registered there were a lot of delays, however we never felt out of the loop as Margaret would always be in touch, whether there were any developments or not.

The entire process of the build was effortless due to the amazing efficiency of Lara in the office managing every payment on our behalf. Even after the build, Margaret has been involved in the final building inspection shortfalls.

We would not hesitate (and already have) recommend Gold Seal to anyone looking to invest in property and we would definitely use them again to build our portfolio.”

Scott & Kari
Brisbane, Australia

Book a complimentary finance consultation to see if property investment is right for you.

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